Is it okay to install a car air purifier in the car?



 A friend asked me if it was necessary to install an Car Air Purifier in the car. It is necessary that the air quality inside the car has become one of the four complaints hot spots. AQSIQ released the past year, consumer complaints about the quality of automotive products, the new car air quality problems become the automotive transmission, airbags and car tires, one of the four major issues. So your car's air has been unsafe, and quickly install a sophisticated car air purifier.

  Car air purifier, also known as car air purifier, car air purifier, is designed to purify the air in the car PM2.5, odor, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria and viruses such as air pollution inside the air purification equipment. In fact the car air purifier is divided into two types: one is the use of a small air purifier, plug the car on the power, to work, this air purifier is small, the purification effect has some limitations , Now use the negative ion generator to fill.

  The other is the use of the original car air-conditioning system, the original car air-conditioning system in the air-conditioning filter upgrade, this type of product is based on the principle of high-end home air purifier made of high efficiency air-conditioning filter, Academic terminology called the car air purification unit. The benefits of this product is to effectively purify the air inside the car, so that the air conditioning air outlet is clean air.